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What makes our market special

Local tastes better

Local food is fresher food, and with this freshness comes flavor. From summer's ripest tomatoes to newly dug potatoes, much of the produce is harvested especially for the market just hours before it's sold. 

Put a Face on It

At our market you can get to know the person who has made or grown your food. Meals will have more meaning when you eat "Ember's pork," "Sue's cheese" or "Joe's mushrooms."  

Bring your Dog

The market is always dog friendly. We ask that shoppers keep their canine friends on a non-retractable leash and be prepared for shoppers to greet them to say hello

Family Fun

We hope to host our children's area in the future, but in the meantime, take a walk or a ride along the trail with your family for some fresh air and family fun.


Preserve Local Farms

Buying directly from a local farmers helps him or her keep land in cows, vegetables, frutis, etc instead of growing houses!

What our customers say

"This is a wonderful market - awesome vendors, lovely music, and meticulously planned so that the regular vendors are joined by monthly vendors that vary from week to week to keep it interesting." - Mary D.

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