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Our mission

Provide local, sustainably produced, healthy, and delicious food

We agree with the Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine," and it should also taste delicious. Produce at our market is often harvested just the day before you buy it, bread comes hot out of the oven, and cheeses and meats come from healthy animals raised by our farmers in local pastures.  Our food artisans use healthful ingredients, and make everything from scratch - by hand. 

Support local farms to preserve agriculture

Farming is hard work and farm land in Chester County is expensive.  The money spent at the farmers' market helps our farmers continue the work that they love, and preserve that land.


Thanks to markets like ours, local farms are alive and well and bringing on the next generation.

This means we can continue to enjoy good food and beautiful views as we drive through farmland being used the way it always has been.

Build a healthy community

Building a healthy community may start with providing healthy food, but it doesn't stop there! The market is a place where neighbors safely can catch up outside and with social distance.

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