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Green Lion Breads - Whole Grain Breads using Local Grains, Every Saturday Located at Pear Tree Coffee Roasters’ Table)


Heart Stone Pastry -  Babka’s and other Specialty Baked Goods.   Every Saturday. (Located at Pear Tree Coffee Roasters’ Table)


Saint Peter’s Bakery - Baguettes, Artisan Breads, Pastries, Cookies, Pies, Soups, salads & Quiches.  Every Saturday


Sweetwater Baking Company - Whole Grain Sourdough Breads Baked in A Wood Fired Oven, Cookies & Granola.  Every Saturday, April 16 to December 17


Ashwas Indian Kitchen - Homestyle Indian Foods.  Every Saturday


Bridge Street Chocolates - Phoenixville Made Chocolates.  Every Saturday


Crafted Grains - Granola Bars and Snacks Made with Spent Grains. 2nd & 4th Saturdays


Cucina Verde - Lacto Fermented Foods. 2nd & 4th Saturdays


Deer Creek Malthouse - Local Grains and Food and Beverages Made with Local Grains. Every Saturday


Dressler Estate - Dry, wine-like ciders.  2nd Saturdays.


Madi’s on a Roll - Gourmet Egg Rolls. 1st & 3rd Saturdays


Nutty Novelties - Small Batch Artisan Nut Butters - Every Other Saturday


Pureblend - Hand Blended Teas -  1st & 3rd Saturdays

Phyllodelphia - Spanakopita and other Greek and Mediterranean food


Saint Rocco’s Treats -  Homemade Dog Treats Every Saturday


Taste of Puebla - Authentic Mexican Foods.  Every Saturday

Vera Pasta - Artisan Pasta and Sauces.  2nd & 4th Saturdays


Backstage Apothecary -  Essential Oil Products for Home and Body, Every Saturday.

Neil’s Sharpening - Sharpening Service.  2nd Saturdays

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