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GPS: 200 Mill Street, Phoenixville.

2017  Holiday Markets

Markets Every Saturday
10am to noon

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Sponsored by:

Special Thanks to:

Centre Grafik

Friends In Our Community:

Phoenixville Borough

Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

Phoenixville Foundry

Phoenixville Time Bank

Activate Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre

Sweetwater Baking Co.

Sweetwater Baking Co was started in 1998 by Saul and Natalie Schwartz in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  From the beginning we wanted to make the best bread we possibly could.  We bake our bread in a wood-fired brick oven.  All of our bread is made with natural (sourdough) leavening instead of commercial yeast, and we use the best organic ingredients we can find.

Our bakery is in  Camphill Village Kimberton Hills; we bake there along with our baking partner Dane Percy, volunteers, and a crew of residents with developmental disabilities.
In addition to bread we make cookies, cinnamon rolls and our special granola. Sweetwater will be at the market every Saturday.


Saul & Natalie Schwartz
1850 French Creek Road

Phoenixville, PA 19460