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GPS: 200 Mill Street, Phoenixville.

2018  Winter Markets
January 13 & 27 

February 10 & 24
March 10, 24 & 31 

10am to noon

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Centre Grafik

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Phoenixville Borough

Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

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Phoenixville Time Bank

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The Colonial Theatre

Shellbark Hollow Farm

Peter Demchur started Shellbark Hollow Farm over 15 years ago with just two goats he received as a Father’s Day Gift.  As his herd grew, so did his hobby of cheese making, leading to the birth of Shellbark Hollow Farm and its award winning products.
Shellbark Hollow Farm is a family operated business from a small farm in  Chester County, PA.  Our herd of Nubian goats produce a high quality milk that has a milk flavor.  Our fresh products are ready to be enjoyed within days of milking.

We offer a variety of goat milk products including Chèvre, Sharp 1 Chèvre, Best of Philly Sharp 2 Chèvre,  10 Flavored Chèvre spreads, 4 Marinated Chèvres, Aged cheese, Bloomy Rind Cheese, Yogurt, Kefir, Ricotta, Honey biscuit, Tomato Nest Biscuit, and Raw goat milk.

Recognized as one of Chester County’s oldest established farmstead goat dairies, Shellbark Hollow Farm has been providing it’s awarding products to many top chefs, fine restaurants, retail establishments, and local Farmers’ markets throughout the area.

At Market Every Saturday


Donna Demchur Levitsky
Shellbark Hollow Farm
West Chester, PA

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