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GPS: 200 Mill Street, Phoenixville.

2017  Holiday Markets

Markets Every Saturday
10am to noon

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Centre Grafik

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Phoenixville Borough

Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

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Activate Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre

  • December 19
  • 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

North Star Orchard

Ike and Lisa Kerschner grow high quality fruit that is normally not available commercially. They grow 70+ varieties of modern and heritage apples, seven types of Asian pears, 30+ kinds of peaches, and 50+ varieties of plums, as well as European pears, and nectarines. They also grow a wide range of vegetables, focusing on heritage and otherwise interesting varieties. They have always been interested in both growing unusual varieties of fruit and vegetables and in using the newest ideas in training and trellising. They are concerned about the environment, and work hard to farm in a manner as sustainable and safe as possible.

Ike has become well known in this area for his expertise in growing vinifera wine grapes on innovative trellis systems, and for his knowledge and experience growing unique fruits and vegetables. He has written many articles about such practices, has taught classes at Longwood Gardens, and is a speaker at various seminars and conferences. He has hosted several large grower meetings at the farm. He enjoys working on the farm, and spends a lot of “leisure” time reading, cooking, and learning more about the fruit and vegetable growing industry.
Lisa also enjoys working on the farm when she gets a chance. She’s more occupied with marketing the farm’s products (at farmers’ markets and managing the CSA), keeping on top of the farm’s website and email newsletters, and bookkeeping/HR. Her life’s focus, in addition to the business, is that of homeschooling their son Jay. She enjoys reading, writing, and working on various art projects in her spare time.

Jay helps out at farmers’ markets and with the CSA, and is an invaluable help as the farm’s webmaster. He does not plan to be a farmer, but enjoys helping out as he finishes high school and begins college studies, where he’ll be pursuing a degree in computer science.

Click here to read Lisa’s essay on being a farmer —  published in Newsweek in 2008!

North Star Orchard will be at the market every Saturday beginning in June.


Ike & Lisa Kerschner
3226 Limestone Road
Cochranville, PA 19330

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