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GPS: 200 Mill Street, Phoenixville.

2017  Holiday Markets

Markets Every Saturday
10am to noon

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Sponsored by:

Special Thanks to:

Centre Grafik

Friends In Our Community:

Phoenixville Borough

Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

Phoenixville Foundry

Phoenixville Time Bank

Activate Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre

Forks Farm

Forks Farm

Forks Farm is taking orders for RABBIT ($12.00/lb), GUINEA HEN ($6.25/lb), DUCK ($5.00/lb) and CORNISH HEN ($5.00/lb). E-mail orders to

Our farm philosophy: Local, fresh, healthy and sustainable. Our goal is to be your local source for fresh, clean, pastured poultry, eggs, beef, and pork of the highest quality using sustainable farming methods that contribute to the health of our customers, community and environment.

Pasture-raised with no drugs. Our animals grow to maturity on pasture without the heavy grain feeding found in feedlots and confinement facilities today. Pasture raising provides our animals a low-stress, high-quality life, improves the soil, and helps maintain the landscape. We do not believe artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth promotants, hormones and antibiotics belong in our food chain, so we do not use them.

Best nutrition for us. Foods raised from naturally-enriched soils and forages without chemical inputs taste better, keep longer, and are more nutritious than the food products you can buy at the grocery store. Our pasture foods are lower in saturated fats, calories, and cholesterol, and are higher in essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Forks Farm will be at the market selected Saturdays

Contact Info:

The Hopkins Family

299 Covered Bridge Road

Orangeville, PA 17859



***Click here to pre-order from Forks Farm or go to:**