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GPS: 200 Mill Street, Phoenixville.

2018  Winter Markets
January 13 & 27 

February 10 & 24
March 10, 24 & 31 

10am to noon

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Sponsored by:

Special Thanks to:

Centre Grafik

Friends In Our Community:

Phoenixville Borough

Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

Phoenixville Foundry

Phoenixville Time Bank

Activate Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre

Artisan’s Gallery & Cafe

Artisans Gallery & Café is proud to offer our signature house coffee “Artisans”, roasted locally by One Village, our freshly brewed iced coffee & iced tea, Harney Specialty Teas, Nantucket juices, large variety of Boland & Fizzy Lizzie bottled drinks and bottled water.  Each week we will be bringing, a variety of quiches, sandwiches, salads, soups, hummus & much more from our café menu.  All selections are locally made with the finest fresh ingredients and will vary from week to week.

About our coffee…….We selected One Village as our roaster for our “exclusively blended “Artisans” coffee which is served and sold only at our café.  The folks at One Village believe that “delivering the freshest coffee while maintaining a low carbon footprint is important to us so we limit ourselves to locations within 500 miles from our headquarters”.  This is just one reason why we have selected One Village as our roaster.  In addition to our “Artisans” coffee (regular & decaf) we will be bringing a large variety of One Village’s bags of coffee beans.  Twice a month, on the 1st & 4th Saturday of the month, we will be sampling a specific blend at the market.  Stop by for your free sample.  And don’t forget to pick up a “Buy six, Get one free” bags of coffee coupon.

At Market Every Saturday

Rosemarie Holck
234 Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460
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