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GPS: 200 Mill Street, Phoenixville.

2018  Winter Markets
January 13 & 27 

February 10 & 24
March 10, 24 & 31 

10am to noon

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Centre Grafik

Friends In Our Community:

Phoenixville Borough

Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce

Phoenixville Foundry

Phoenixville Time Bank

Activate Phoenixville

The Colonial Theatre


Farmers and artisans who participate in the PFM. *If you are interested in becoming a provider, please click here.

Artisan’s Gallery & Cafe

Artisans Gallery & Café is proud to offer our signature house coffee “Artisans”, roasted locally by One Village, our freshly brewed iced coffee & iced tea, Harney Specialty Teas, Nantucket juices, large variety of Boland & Fizzy Lizzie bottled drinks and bottled water.  Each week we will be bringing, a variety of quiches, sandwiches, salads, soups, hummus & much more from our café menu.  All selections are locally made with the finest fresh ingredients and will vary from week to week. more »

Backyard Bison

Backyard Bison is a small, unconventional farm where we use common-sense practices to naturally produce good food that is good for you. Our American Plains Buffalo are ranch raised with care here on our farm in Upper Bucks County in Pennsylvania. Our herd is on pasture as much as possible and we do not use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics with our bison. We also do not use pesticides or herbicides on our pastures. We mix our own feed to ensure quality, and we never feed any waste products, animal by-products, urea, or Rabon to our bison. more »

Birchrun Hills Farm

Birchrun Hills Farm is a family owned dairy farm in the highlands of Birchrunville, Chester Springs. The Millers offer handcrafted raw milk cheese. Cheeses featured are: Birchrun Blue, a raw milk natural rind semi-soft cheese that is rich and creamy with delicate blue flavors; Highland Alpine, a raw milk washed rind traditional mountain-style cheese that features nuttiness combined with a hint of sharpness; and our own Fat Cat cheese, both earthy and tangy with a grassy finish.  Seasonal and fresh cheese are available all year. more »

Bridge Street Chocolates

Our farmers’ market chocolates are made locally in our Phoenixville shop. We continue to expand our chocolate selection to include, organic and vegan offerings like blueberry bark, dark chocolate sea salt more »

Charlestown Farm

Charlestown farm grows vegetables, flowers, and herbs just a few miles south of Phoenixville in Charlestown Township. Using sustainable practices such as crop rotation, compost and green manures, Charlestown Farm employs farming practices that nourish the land and produce healthy produce bearing no chemical pesticides or herbicides. more »

Chile Spot

Chile Spot is excited to join the market. We specialize in the creation of unique chile pepper products with an extensive product line including hot sauce, pepper jams, salsa, picked peppers, BBQ Sauce, and dried chile blends. We’re also very excited to be debuting our Moruga Scorpion Cheddar Cheese – quite possibly the hottest cheese you’ve ever had! We’re based in Downingtown and have been in business since 2005. We source many local ingredients and services and use local farmers to grow our chiles. We use only natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and most of our products are naturally gluten free. We also have an extensive varieity of chile pepper seedlings for those that want to grow their own.

At Market Every Saturday


Countrytime Farm

Paul and Ember raise their hogs feeding them natural grain in a humane setting. All of their delicious pork products including pancetta, bacon, sausage, ribs, tenderloin, and nitrate-free hotdogs are free of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives and MSG. Countrytime’s mission is to introduce consumers to healthy, humanely raised pork – raised on their small family farm in Berks County, PA. more »

Crisp & Co

Crisp & Co takes great pride in creating artisanal, award-winning, and delightfully crisp pickles. We are excited to bring our Grand Dill Pickles, Pint Pickles made with Victory’s Prima Pils, Sweet Ginger Pickles, Spicy Dilly Beans, Pinot Noir Pickles Beets, and Savory Mushrooms to the Phonexville market!


mini product line

Cucina Verde

Cucina Verde is a cooking company that harnesses the wisdom of traditional culinary practices and teaches others how to make delicious nutrient dense foods that enhance health and contribute to overall well being.

Owner Annemarie Cantrell produces Lacto- fermented foods – Traditional foods that help improve and maintain health and immunity. Specialties are various more »

Deeproots Valley Farm

Kelly and Will Smith are the fifth generation to farm Kelly’s family’s 150 acre farm located in Mohrsville, PA.   They raise poultry and beef on their beautiful pastures and are passionate about the environmental and health benefits of pasture raised beef, eggs, and chicken.  more »

Doc Baker’s Farmulations

100% Organic
Cold Pressed Juice/Plant Based
Vegan / Raw
Dairy FREE / Soy FREE / Agave FREE / nonGMO / Gluten FREE

Flour Fairies

The Flour Fairies is a family owned small batch kitchen in Phoenixville.  more »

Forks Farm

Forks Farm

Forks Farm is taking orders for RABBIT ($12.00/lb), GUINEA HEN ($6.25/lb), DUCK ($5.00/lb) and CORNISH HEN ($5.00/lb). E-mail orders to

Our farm philosophy: Local, fresh, healthy and sustainable. Our goal is to be your local source for fresh, clean, pastured poultry, eggs, beef, and pork of the highest quality using sustainable farming methods that contribute to the health of our customers, community and environment. more »

Furnace Creek Farm

Located in Oley, PA, Furnace Creek Farm grows medicinal & culinary herbs

Herbs to support systems of the body:









Herbs to include in your meals.

Herbs for daily living.


Grace Galanti

Heart Food Truck

HEART Food Truck serves curbside cuisine, using only the best seasonal foodstuff from small, super-awesome, family-owned farms!
At Market Every Week more »

Hill Creek Farm

At Hill Creek Farm, we love plants.

We love growing plants, eating plants and figuring out which plants will grow well here in Southeastern Pennsylvania and taste fantastic.

We specialize in garlic, asparagus, rhubarb — and whatever fun heirlooms we find through  organizations like Seed Savers Exchange and the USDA GRIN Plant Collections to bring you flavorful produce that enjoys growing here as much as we enjoy growing it.

Hoagland Farms

Lynn and Carol operate a produce, hay, grain, and hog farm 85 miles northwest of Phoenixville. Lynn was raised on the farm and has been the owner/farmer for over 30 years. A small orchard compliments the vegetables and berries grown on the farm. Lynn brings a variety of delicious fruits including melons and grapes in addition to traditional vegetables, and honey from bees that live on his farm. more »

Huyard’s Farm

The Huyard Family grows potted plants and blueberries on their farm in Honeybrook.   more »

Jack’s Farm

JACK’S FARM strives to be your first choice for reasonably priced, good tasting, USDA certified organic and naturally grown vegetables, pasture raised chicken and eggs, a variety of annual and perennial berries and a selection of ornamentals including cut flowers and potted herbs. JACK’S FARM Grows Great Food! more »

Jardine Apiaries

At Jardine Apiaries we are passionate about our bees. Our honey comes from one of our six apiary sites located within Chester County. All our honey sales help sustain our business which in turn helps us save the bees. We have just started to harvest fresh, local pollen from the bees. This forms a great nutritional supplement to our diet and is useful to desensitize a pollen allergy.

Masey & Leigh

Deep, dark maple syrup straight from a Pennsylvania forest. Warm notes of oak, toffee, and caramel from an American oak barrel. A subtle kick of Bluebird Distilling’s craft bourbon or rye whiskey from the devil’s cut in the barrel’s wood. You haven’t had the maple syrup experience until you’ve tried bourbon or rye whiskey barrel-aged syrup. Put some bite in your breakfast, sweeten your salmon, re-envision dessert. The possibilities will delight you!

At Market on the 3rd Saturday of Every Month

Morning Glow Gardens

Morning Glow Gardens creates seasonal bouquets of farm grown flowers.


Every Saturday, starting in July



Margaret Bucco

Neil’s Sharpening Service

Neil’s Sharpening Service comes to the market on the 4th Saturday of every month.  Bring your favorite knives and pruning shears to give them renewed life with a razor sharp edge.  Neil sharpens while you wait or shop. more »

Nomadic Pies

Local, sustainable, mobile, and delicious!  Molly Johnston makes sweet & savory pies, using farm fresh ingredients from local farmers.

At Market Every Saturday more »

North Star Orchard

Ike and Lisa Kerschner grow high quality fruit that is normally not available commercially. They grow 70+ varieties of modern and heritage apples, seven types of Asian pears, 30+ kinds of peaches, and 50+ varieties of plums, as well as European pears, and nectarines. They also grow a wide range of vegetables, focusing on heritage and otherwise interesting varieties. They have always been interested in both growing unusual varieties of fruit and vegetables and in using the newest ideas in training and trellising. They are concerned about the environment, and work hard to farm in a manner as sustainable and safe as possible. more »

Nutty Novelties

Nutty Novelties makes awesome nut butters in all kinds of unique, gourmet varieties. Make that morning toast, or protein shake, or whatever other bland, blah things you’re always eating so much more fun and interesting without sacrificing health benefits.

At Market every other Saturday, starting on April 2, 2016

more »

Oley Valley Mushrooms

We have been Growing Mushrooms for 9 years. We are sustainable, chemical free, use natural supplements,and organic straw.

Our Shiitake, and Oyster have been the best in PA  at the PA farm show for the many years, this year our Trumps also won..
more »

Paradocx Vineyard

Paradocx Vineyard, nestled among the rolling hills of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, combines current technology and handcrafted secrets to create unique wines, made from homegrown grapes, and from those of only selected custom growers. more »

Peach Bottom Farm

The Miller family brings Pequea Valley Farm yogurt and dairy products from Jersey Cows raised on pasture, produce, fruits and baked goods.

Peach Bottom Farm will be at the market every Saturday starting on May more »

Pureblend Tea

“The idea to blend my own herbal tea emerged from a desire to relieve common ailments without taking over the counter drugs. As a certified yoga teacher, I embrace the concept of balance which translates in my approach towards health and nutrition. I grew up in a home that nurtured the holistic path to living a wholesome life, gaining knowledge and appreciation of how nature plays a vital role in our well-being.  more »

Quarryville Orchard

Aaron Esch brings peaches and apples to the market at the peak of freshness and flavor. He also brings fresh apple cider, plums, berries, canned pickles, preserves, and pies.

Quarryville Orchard will be at the market every Saturday beginning in mid-July more »

Ridge Valley Farm

Located in Green Lane, PA, Jim and Sue Myers, of Ridge Valley Farm, make delicious maple syrup and maple products including:  maple sugar, maple cream, maple coated nuts and maple walnut ice cream topping.

At  Market on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month more »

Rose’s Gluten Free Bakery

Rose’s Gluten Free began as Rose’s Cookie’s until Rose realized that her  poor health was a result of a gluten intolerance.  Rose spent the next 2 years developing the  recipes for the items she bakes for the market.  Her favorite response to her products is, “I would never know this is gluten free!”  Rose’s  hopes to be a part of your life by “Starting a new tradition”.  Rose brings  a full line of baked goods! more »

Saint Peters Bakery & Cafe

On the banks of French Creek in Historic Saint Peters Village sits Saint Peters Bakery and Cafe, an Artisan Bakery offering Fresh Breads and Pastries baked daily.  Melanie Melle, Executive Pastry Chef,  creates delicious, healthy fresh breads and pastries daily.  We use unbleached and unbromated flour exclusively, nothing artificial in our products.  All of our breads are shaped by hand, and are as much a feast to the eye, as they are a delight to the palate. Our bread is baked in French Steam Injection Ovens (allowing the crust to form slowly resulting in even baking and less dense bread).  Bread varieties include French Baguette, Sesame Semolina, Calamata Olive, Multi Grain, Apple Raisin Walnut and Rustic White to name a few. more »

Shellbark Hollow Farm

Peter Demchur started Shellbark Hollow Farm over 15 years ago with just two goats he received as a Father’s Day Gift.  As his herd grew, so did his hobby of cheese making, leading to the birth of Shellbark Hollow Farm and its award winning products.
Shellbark Hollow Farm is a family operated business from a small farm in  Chester County, PA.  Our herd of Nubian goats produce a high quality milk that has a milk flavor.  Our fresh products are ready to be enjoyed within days of milking. more »

Small Batch Kitchen

Small Batch Kitchen is founded on the belief that starting with the best locally grown produce will create the most flavorful preserves. All of our products are handmade with care, and we never add any artificial ingredients.

We make low sugar, unique jams and preserves using the best local ingredients.



Sweetwater Baking Co.

Sweetwater Baking Co was started in 1998 by Saul and Natalie Schwartz in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  From the beginning we wanted to make the best bread we possibly could.  We bake our bread in a wood-fired brick oven.  All of our bread is made with natural (sourdough) leavening instead of commercial yeast, and we use the best organic ingredients we can find.

Our bakery is in  Camphill Village Kimberton Hills; we bake there along with our baking partner Dane Percy, volunteers, and a crew of residents with developmental disabilities.
In addition to bread we make cookies, cinnamon rolls and our special granola. more »

Vera Pasta

Vera Pasta owner, Chef Joe D’Andrea grew up in an Italian household in West Chester, PA. At an early age, Joe’s passion for Italian cuisine was introduced to him by his grandmother, whose cooking style originates from the Abruzzi region in Italy.

more »

Wild for Salmon

Wild for Salmon is a local business that provides fresh/frozen wild Alaskan sockeye salmon at a common good price. Wild for Salmon is owned and operated by Steve and Jenn Kurian of Bloomsburg, PA.

The salmon is caught by Jen and Steve in Bristol Bay, Alaska, during the months of June and July and brought more »